Clients Feedback

It has been really helpful to talk things through and get some new tools to deal with this parenting lark! It’s amazing for me to think how desperate I became towards the end of last year and how different things are now.” - Irene, parent of 5 year old girl.
— Irene, parent of girl aged 5
After each joint session my daughter and I feel both connected and invigorated. Thank you!
— H, father
Many thanks for your support- my daughter has really appreciated and enjoyed her sessions with you. We are now able to enjoy each other’s company again. At times I even see glimpses of the old (happy) daughter I remember.
— Mum of girl aged 16
Thank you for all the support and help you have given my daughter.  It has been a very positive experience for her and we will know, as a family, where to come in the future.
— Mum of girl aged 14
My daughter feels she has learned a lot through her sessions about how to deal with her feelings. She’s found it really useful to talk to someone about what’s going on.
— Mum of girl aged 8
Sandra has been super supportive to our son and to us parents through some very difficult times. She’s worked with him on dealing with anger and expressing feelings, as well as helping us find ways to stop violent behaviour and to instead open up a dialogue between us. We have started to see positive changes in his behaviour and well being, as well as an improved consistency to his happiness. Sandra has shown a deep understanding of her profession at all times, and goes above and beyond with care for the people she works with
— Parents of boy aged 7
Through the joint sessions with my son I became aware of the positive times we spend together and how to focus on them. It is easy to always feel guilty as a parent but these sessions have given me an inside into my strengths as a mum and that not all is negative. Thank you!
— Mum of boy aged 6
Thank you so much for helping our daughter! We can really see the changes you’ve helped to bring about in her.
— Parents of girl aged 10
Thank you for all your continuing support. I’m so happy that my daughter has you!
— Mum of girl aged 9
Dani gave me some great strategies to use in the classroom when I felt ‘E’ was loosing focus and unable to concentrate. The strategies were helpful and I used them with other children too. We met regularly and I found her explanations to be interesting and insightful. I felt that I understood a little more about ‘E’s’ behaviour in relation to his work with Dani.  Dani always worked confidential and although she didn’t disclose any specific details, I felt I got a good picture of her work which really helped me to understand and support the child  in the classroom
— teacher, OLSJ School
I wanted to thank you for the great work you’ve done with my daughter this year. I’m so happy that she has the opportunity to explore her feelings safely with you. You’ve been very patient and kind with me too and I’m very grateful for that.
— Mum of girl aged 8