Counselling in Schools

to increase emotional wellbeing and achieve academic potential

Imagine a typical situation where a child is acting out in class disrupting everyone's time and trail of thought.  Sending the child out of the classroom is rarely a solution, as often these children need more support. 

Just as every child deserves an empathetic response to their particular need,  we recognise that each school might be looking for a different kind of therapeutic provision and that it can be difficult to know where to start.  

Our services include:

  • Setting-up the counselling service in your school

  • 1:1 counselling for children & teenagers aged 3-18 years

  • 'Adventure Tales' groups sessions

  • Lunchtime talk & play sessions

  • Friendship and transition groups

  • NEW: Parenting support & Parenting courses

  • NEW: Releasing teachers’ overwhelm & stress!

The counsellor gave me some great strategies to use in the classroom when one of my pupils was loosing focus and unable to concentrate.
The strategies were helpful and I used them with other children too.
We met regularly and I found her explanations to be interesting and insightful. I felt that I understood a little more about my pupil’s behaviour in relation to his work with the counsellor.  The counsellor always worked confidentiality and although she didn’t disclose any specific details, I felt I got a good picture of her work which really helped me to understand and support the child  in the classroom.
— Teacher: OLSJ School