Parent-Child Sessions

"Through parent-child sessions my daughter and I found space to play, connect and listen to one another. We worked through some issues that had felt too fraught and overwhelming to figure out at home. Our communication and relationship has improved significantly as a result."

While counselling provides children with a safe space to explore their feelings, it may equally be important to involve parents in the therapeutic work or indeed just focus on helping the parent.

Research shows that the quality of parent-child relationships is of paramount importance for a child and teenager’s long-term health and well-being. Yet many parent-child relationships can get stuck in patterns of aggression, conflict or emotional distancing.

When things are going wrong, short-term intervention can help parents and children to re-connect by spending quality time together, talking about the things that matter and sharing those unspoken resentments, appreciations, hopes, fears and hurts.

In addition, the entire family culture can be changed from one of on-going arguments or emotional distance, to a culture of enjoyment and mutual respect for each other. 

We offer parent courses or individual sessions which are tailored to the needs of the family.