Supporting parents

to understand their child’s behaviour, and improve parent-child relationships

Do you feel overwhelmed and frustrated as a parent?

Are you and your child stuck in conflict or emotional distancing?

When things are going wrong at home, we can help you gain back your confidence as a parent, get rid of feelings of guilt and support you and your child to re-connect.

We offer:

  • Therapeutic support for parents

  • Practical parenting advice

  • Parent-child sessions

Parents typically benefit from:

  •      Techniques to meet your child emotionally

  •      Greater confidence in your parenting

  •      Harmonised parenting styles and better team-work between you and your partner

  •      Restored relationships through more effective ways of communication

  •      Deep enjoyment of, and mutual respect for each other.

It has been really helpful to talk things through and get some new tools to deal with this parenting lark! It’s amazing for me to think how desperate I became towards the end of last year and how different things are now.
— Irene, parent of 5 year old girl
Through parent-child sessions my daughter and I found space to play, connect and listen to one another. We worked through some issues that had felt too fraught and overwhelming to figure out at home. Our communication and relationship has improved significantly as a result.
— Parent of 8 year old girl