Working with children and


to manage emotional distress and anxiety, and achieve greater happiness

Children and young people can feel confused or overwhelmed by difficult life events. Difficulties may be connected to a wide range of experiences such as family relationships, loss, bereavement, change, divorce, sibling rivalry, friendships and separation.  

Therapy sessions offer children and young people a safe space to express themselves, process difficult experiences and comprehend their feelings.

Children & young people typically benefit from:    

  • Increased resilience, self-awareness and confidence

  • Released distress and anxiety resulting in a greater capacity to learn

  • Restored relationships through more effective ways of communication

  • Enjoying life more fully

My daughter has really appreciated and enjoyed her sessions with you. ...we are able to enjoy each other’s company again and at times I even see glimpses of the old (happy) person I remember.
— Parent of 16 yr old girl